Welcome to my site!
My name is Angie Riechers.  I help to develop others in getting to know self through Universal Law by becoming a Psychic Medium, learning Trance with communication through the spirit world.

If you have interest in classes please contact me below on the bottom of the page.

I teach quarterly-
Past Life Regression Certification
Mediumship Course
Trance Course

I teach a 10 month course-
Metaphysical Principles

I am Associate Pastor to the 1st Spiritualist Chapel in Tucson Arizona, "United Fellowship Chapel" where I teach, give talks, guide Sunday Service and do sessions for those who would like to be read through spirit or delve in getting to know self through Past Life Regressions. I  communicate with those whom have moved on to the other side of the vail, and do Trace Sessions with My Ancient Master, Yellow Emperor-HuangDi.