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Welcome to my site!
My name is Angie Riechers. 

I have been  Associate Pastor to the 1st Spiritualist Chapel in Tucson Arizona,
"United Fellowship Chapel" since 2019.
I had been developing at this location since 2015 with the senior pastor, Rev David J Miller, a well know Spiritualist teacher of metaphysics. I developed how to teach classes and courses on every subject of spiritualism, such as Mediumship Course, Past Life Regressions, Self Realization, Trance Course, Healing Certification, Metaphysical Principles (10 Month course) and Seminary.
Since my seven year deep diving of teaching and developing others, I found exactly what it is that holds those back in development, and how to get through those moments.
I now have moved into the next role of teaching and developing others within my own online programs. I enjoy motivating others and help those grow with spirit world,  helping each person find their true purpose of coming here at this time.  When people show up, I know it's no mistake and I imediately connect with spirit guides to find out what is next for each individual, so each situation is unique. One thing is for certain, Universe- God wants each individual to step up and do the work for self.
I guide... and with love and compassion allow each person's path to be what it will.
Angels tell me that there is a time right now that each person is to really get in and dive into their life.
So it is NOW the time to get to know self...

~Always with Peace and Compassion~

If you have interest in classes please contact me below on the bottom of the page.

I teach the following:
How intuitive are you?
Past Life Regression Certification,
Mediumship Course
a 10 month course-
Metaphysical Principles


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