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"To be in this life, is to ACCEPT the role of being

ALL that we are..... which is magnificent!

Self Realization is the first step in Re-membering".

-Angie Riechers, Medium Psychic

Hi, I am Angie Riechers.
Welcome to my website.

I am a Psychic Medium and Teacher in Metaphysics.

Are You Ready to BE what you came here to do?
Lets get into action...

Spirit always shares with us what is our truest highest and best selves, yet most times we do not listen or trust what is coming through is real. 

This is where I come in.
For lifetimes, I have guided others (and now in this life, I guide through classes, courses, readings, and regressions) to re-mind themselves where they came from, to fulfill the current lifetime in the best way a soul can, and so this is my purpose...

The very best way to re-mind all souls where they come from is by teaching Mediumship. Mediumship teaches us to get to know ourselves as well as getting connected with Spirit, "ALL THAT IS", as support. I will guide you with clarity, and hold you in the space of knowing, as you feel experience of being in full trust of self. 

Our life is fast here and its time to get into action. To schedule a Reading, Regression or to view the training schedule click the button below...

                                            Click Here

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