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I am Angie Riechers, a Medium Psychic and Teacher of Metaphysics.


Since a young age, I have possessed a natural ability that some refer to as a "gift." During my childhood, I would engage in astral travel, exploring different places during nap time to foster my development. Additionally, I have experienced encounters with ancient beings manifesting vividly before my eyes, and I have been blessed with the presence of ancestors and departed loved ones who offer daily support in various stages of my life.


I firmly and passionately embrace the existence of the Superconscious that resides within each of us, the God Conscious, "Love". This Mighty Fortress lives within all of our beings and working with us all the time.

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My Journey

At a certain point in my life, I found myself immersed in the world of business, but the Universe intervened and presented me with a defining moment—a fork in the road, if you will. The signs became so unmistakably loud, urging me to remember my true purpose. It whispered, "CHOOSE." And so, I made my decision to embrace my calling as a Medium Psychic, and in response, the Universe affirmed, "There Ya Go!"

I embarked on my spiritual path by joining a Spiritualist Chapel in Tucson, Arizona. Here, I assumed the role of Associate Pastor, where I had the opportunity to teach various classes and courses. From Trance and Past Life Regressions to Universal Law, Metaphysical Principles, Change, 7 Cycles, Mediumship, and even Seminary studies, I was blessed with the chance to share my knowledge and support others on their unique journeys.

As time went on, my path evolved, and in 2022, I made the decision to become a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. This was a lifelong passion of mine, ever since the age of 9 when I was captivated by the revelations of Hypnosis and Past Lives. I immersed myself in the teachings of renowned author Dick Sutphen, devouring his books on the subject and following his Self-Hypnosis videos. Although Dick passed away in late 2020, his wife generously donated all his materials to the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, the very same institution that had caught my attention through flyers that arrived at my home for countless years. It was clear to me that I had found the right place.

Today, I wear many hats in my pursuit of spiritual growth and helping others. As a Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Medium, Channeler, and Psychic, I offer a range of services, including readings, regressions, and Hypnosis Sessions. If any of these resonate with you, I invite you to join my classes or reach out to discuss a Hypnotherapy Session. I am incredibly passionate about assisting individuals in creating their best selves. I possess the tools necessary to guide you on this transformative journey, akin to learning a musical instrument. It requires dedication and effort, but with patience and trust, I will be there to support you every step of the way. Rest assured that you are safe and capable. And if you simply seek a reading or wish to communicate with loved ones who have passed beyond the veil, then let us begin this remarkable journey together.


I'm always ready to guide. Let's connect.


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