I feel like it is time to develop…

Development in Spiritualism or Metaphysics can seem weird and frustrating. Depending on “where” you delve, there is a lot of misconceptions out there in social media.

I have joined a few groups and hear and see what is presented and I can see how information is either not presented with a structure, or it’s just straight nonsense, or the information is used with “Fear” to pull a person in.

When Fear has to be used to pull people from anywhere it truly is not genuine and truth, this is where that leader is. Move on and say, “thank you and goodbye”.

Metaphysics and working with the spirit world requires the student to be of the utmost strength and confidence because we are truly getting to know self. When we get to know self we know “all things” within us. This confidence reminds us of who we have been in all of our lifetimes through past lives. Being of this knowledge and finding who our “Band” is, our support system and spending time in the quiet and trusting the messages, dreams, all the symbols we clearly can find our path to “continue on- not start”. We are not new. We just forgot how amazing we are. Until we accept and open the door to this knowledge.

Once we accept then it is time to be in charge of what comes around our aura, our human selves, what we take in either by energy or food or humans. Taking extreme care is critical. Definitely not allowing the negative side of polarity of spirit world to run us. We are in charge of all of it. This is where we stand up for self and be the grownup and say, “no, this is how it will be”. Mediumship course helps us develop this ability. I am in command of self.

Other things that come into play here is forgiveness. We will help to guide you and see how cause and effect are the teachers in this. Cause is in the priors and Effect is now. We realize in development that everything that has been done in this life, we too have created by choice or choosing a higher lesson of development. No blame, no judgement just seeing that in each life there was a reason we needed to either be a karmic experience for someone else or we had a choice and wanted that experience. And now there is an Effect. The soul doesn’t have an agenda and when doing past life regressions we understand ourselves. We accept what we know by what we experience in these sessions because we are the only one creating the seeing of it. It’s an extreme eye opener to know why and who we have been. Most times these lifetimes become light and humorous because we are not exempt to anything. We experience everything. We can see the crud and we can see amazement and the guide will help those negative emotions be set free so the regressee can observe the self. We come to really love ourselves with these times.

Once we start to see that each person/energy field is a visual in front of us and is actually us in another time or place, then we can be free of these attachments that create our story around them which helps us love others just the way they are. Love is all things encompassing, not just the best. What we eventually move into is being good with the world.

Our words are magic, really! So be sure you mean what you say, and think it over before it’s out. This is creation. Less speaking is best. Words create a lot of drama if not spoken with truth. Utilizing our journals is powerful because then we can see who we truly are and adjust and change. Change is inevitable. Every day we change, every breath we change…

In this development we learn to remove disfunction. Our world is just that- disfunction. Most families have at least one person that has a drug/alcohol addiction or a mentally ill family member in there life. Some people have not felt a reason to get any “help” because it’s not our problem. Information is gold. Information of how we have worked around this environment for survival is very important to see, because in fact we brought this with us as a tool in the world as our protection. What we think we see or what we think is going on ( our story) may not be the facts, “the what”, and these stories get bigger and bigger.

We help for those to just see the what and remove the rest. Release our negative habits, our anger, our expectations, our blame game because in fact none of this is real in the spirit world. This is us being side swiped to believe we need something detouring our growth with primary focus so we don’t create our highest and best. We are in charge of that, only ourselves. So growing is “Being of strength of self and standing up for self- our highest and best self”. This journey is yours. We guide you and we don’t “tell you to do anything” Like a teacher of rules… no we explain how to do, yet you are the choice maker. We don’t get in the way of your karma.

We are not “Sorry” for anything however we apologize if it is needed. We remove the idea that we are a sorry individual. Words…

So carry your feather 🪶 and get rid of the whip. It’s time to soften the ride of life by loving self in the highest and best way for you!

Blessings and Joy to you with this life…

Angie Riechers

Associate Pastor

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