Qi Gong

Cheeeeee Gongggg… this is what Qi Gong sounds like…. Qi is the life force and Gong is work or gather. So let’s gather life force.

I had been doing some spiritual work getting to know who my Ancient Master was. I first saw yellow silk everywhere. Then I saw myself at this Chinese temple lifetimes ago then ancient master appeared. I soon learned with lots of meditation and message that I was a big support in the life of “ The Yellow Emperor, Huang Di” . He is my Ancient Master in this life, he is obviously in the spirit world and in the living was a major contributor in Astrology, numerology etc, utilizing the silence to speak to the spirit world, he then would create.

I started this development with him in that he would speak through me to others in trance.

I had this purpose instantly to learn Qi Gong and didn’t know why, yet things unfolded instantly for me and I got on the band wagon. I learned from two Masters of Qi Gong, one that is my current Master, Master Stan Pannone who got his teachings from Grand Master,” Fu Wei Zhong” from China. Both of these teachers learned from Grand Master ( to no surprise). Where this particular Qi Gong comes from is Mt. Emei. The Qi Gong I follow is Emei Qi Gong. It’s pronounced Errrr May.

This practice has over 3 forms, loads of micro trainings of breathwork, healing with Jade, Meta Qi Zhen, sound healing, distant healing, organ cleansing, 5 element charts, information on our greeds, foods, and the list goes on.

I was mesmerized by all of the health benefits. The more I develop the better it gets.

My ancient master, Yellow Emperor guided me to learn “again” this practice for the betterment of self and so he can channel.

Qi Gong is a healing system, a way of life and is a teaching that helps us understand our greeds and release all that no longer serves us. This practice is something I cherish as gold.

I hope you will join me some day in Qi Gong!

I teach a form called “Wuji Gong” Fridays at 9am MST in Tucson and on Zoom ( a hybrid class)

If you want to join from zoom go here: is Master Stan Pannone’s website to learn more or attend any of his classes is Grand Masters website

See you there!


(the light in me greets the light in you)

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