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Metaphysical Principles Certification Course

Metaphysical Principles Certification Course

Metaphysical Principles Certification Course


The purpose of the Metaphysical Principles Class is three-fold:

  • For the student to understand the laws of metaphysics and be able to apply these laws at a higher level in their personal life for the greater benefit of all.
  • For the student to have a sound foundation of the metaphysical principles which will allow the student to teach the curriculum and, through doing so, change the vibration of the planet.
  • For the student to integrate their own spiritual uniqueness in applying and teaching the curriculum.

Class requirements for certification:

  • Class participation through regular weekly attendance
  • Class assignments/ homework
  • Healing Meditation given at a Healing Circle regularly scheduled.
  • One in-class presentation demonstrating knowledge of an assigned course topic
  • Keep a daily journal describing the spiritual changes and information that you receive from your homework assignments, meditations, and Spirit Helpers. This journal will be started on the first week and will continue to the end. We will use this journal to talk about the week as well.
  • Final Exam:

Rewrite a Bio-Sketch of who you are and the changes that have taken place a a result of participating in this class, which will be presented at graduation.


The student will receive a certificate recognizing the student’s completion of the assigned course work, enabling the student to teach the course work to others.



Metaphysical Principles Certification Course Copyright © 1995 By United Fellowship Chapel, Inc.


This Course begins July 29th, 2023 for one hour per week. Last Day of the course is April 27, 2024. 

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